Thigh lifting

Thigh lifting or thigh lipectomy (cruralplastic) is a plastic operation, directed to the correction of thighs and buttocks internal surface form, improvement of its original appearance and contour.

Thigh lifting is rather widespread operation on superfluous skin surgical removal after the considerable weight loss caused by surgical intervention. It is possible to conduct thigh lifting only, and it is possible to combine it with buttocks lifting.

The extent and method of thigh lifting is determined by a doctor during consultation, estimating the state of skin, subcutaneous adipose layer and shape of muscular and bone tissues. Thigh lifting always leaves long scars.


  • chronic diseases in exacerbation stage;
  • acute forms of diseases of any internal organs;
  • oncological, infectious diseases;
  • acute diabetes mellitus;
  • blood clotting and blood circulation problems;
  • planned pregnancy.

Intraoperative  general anesthesia is used.

The duration of operation: 2-3 hours.

Two  basic  types of incisions are used on the inside part of thighs during the operations.

One of it begins in a fold under a buttock and leads to inguinal fold. Through this incision skin with the layer of fat is detached from the subjacent muscles on 15cm downward on thigh. When procedure includes liposuction, the incision makes after it. Necessary amount of skin extracted is cut off and incision is sutured up with a durable retention suture. Usually drainpipe places under a skin and leaves on a day or two. A thigh is bandaged.

Another type of incision — vertical on the internal side of thigh, usually it combines with the incision in groin. Length of this incision depends on the amount of skin which is necessary to extract for decreasing in thigh diameter. It is possible to pull up through the incisions of different types the outer and back parts of thighs, and also folds under buttocks. Skin is detached through incision on the outer part of thigh and in the top part of  buttock. Unnecessary skin is extracted, the incision is sutured up but the scars will be on this place. That is why the patient must think over it before doing the operation.

Rehabilitation period:

Within several days after operation, there will be a moderate painfulness and discomfort in operated area. Edema, tumescences, numbness can be observed. Edema, as a rule, passes in 2 weeks. The patient discharges on the next day after operation. The sutures are removed in two weeks. Avoid any physical activity on legs during the first two months after operation. The patient must wear the compressive underwear about one month while the rehabilitation period is not over.

There is an increased risk of an infection – wounds are near urinous and faecal ways thus special attention to hygiene after operation is required .