Liposuction (from the Greeck word lipos for fat and English suction) is an aesthetic  (cosmetic) operation  that removes local fat deposits from thighs, buttocks, abdomen as well as arms, neck and chin area. Nowadays liposuction is one of the most popular performed cosmetic procedures. Indications:The most common  fat deposits (fat traps) areas to perform liposuction operation are as follows:

  • submandibular
  • subscapular
  • posterior-lateral  upper arm
  • anterior abdominal wall (abdominal liposuction)
  • “waist” (lateral surfaces of the body)
  • “jodhpurs” (exterior thighs)
  • anterior thighs
  • interior thighs
  • knee area



  • acute chronic conditions
  • severe diseases of any internal organs
  • oncological, infectious diseases
  • acute diabetes mellitus
  • problems with blood clotting and circulation
  • loss of integumentary   elasticity



General anesthesia is recommended to perform liposuction of more than 4 areas.

The scheme of operation is the following:

  • the plastic surgeon marks the areas of further incisions on the patient’s body;
  • the fluid (Klein’s solution) is introduced into the marked areas;
  • special small stainless steel tube, called a cannula, is introduced into the tissues through incisions to destroy fat cells;
  • destroyed fat deposits are mixed with the fluid;
  • the emulsion obtained is sucked  out by aspirator.

The whole complex of manipulations lasts long enough however it is difficult to denote certain temporal period as it depends on fat volume on operated area of patient’s body.


Post-operative period

Patient’s condition within post-operative period as well as duration of this period directly depends on the removed fat volume – the lesser its amount the quicker and easier the rehabilitation is. The time of patient’s staying in clinic after operation depends on areas number and removed fat amount; it can range from 3-4 hours to 1 day. There is no need to remove sutures as they are resorbable. Patients are recommended to wear special compression underwear for 1-2 months to make skin contract adequately after liposuction. The procedure effect is evaluated in 3-6 months.