Hair transplantations

Hair transplantationis a transplantation of one`s own hair (follicle) from the hairy part of a head for its further grafting & growing.

Indications for hair transplantation:

  • Androgenic Alopecia (the hair loss by male type) in case of men & women;
  • Genetically high location of hair growth front line  in case of men & women;
  • Posttraumatic alopecia in case of men and women, (thermal or chemical burns, cicatricial deformations as a consequence of operations, chemo-radiotherapy).

Preparation for hair transplantation

Patient must have a sufficiently amount of his/her own hair to realize the alive hair follicles transplantation. In other words, transplantation is impossible, if a head is absolutely bald. In addition a patient must be healthy. A patient has to be ready for substantial discomfort and enough protracted process of both hair transplantation and grafting. This surgery gives more effective results for women and men with inherent baldness.

Transplantation anesthesia

The local anesthesia  is usually used in hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation procedure

In the course of operation the strip of skin is excised with hairs in cervical (androgenic independent) area. The wound in this area is sutured up with cosmetic stitch. From the skin strip the cutting of grafts is conducted. As a result it`s possible to get 2000 and more (depending on thickness of hairs) small transplants.

 Advantages of procedure

In the course of one operation it is possible to transplant 2000 and more grafts.

  • When we intake a skin graft we don`t know exactly the necessary amount of grafts, that is why we always intake a skin graft with reserve.
  • At incision bulbs are injured on the edges of graft. That is why the last bulbs are not used. (about 300 hairs and more are utilized)
  • And for all lifelong there is a scar on the occiput.
  • The hair on the occiput in the process of raising a skin graft is shaving off.
  • The repeated session (transplantation) is conducted not earlier than in 6 months