Contour Correction

The planimetric plasticity is a complex of procedures (injections) directed on elimination of the mimic wrinkles and restoration of the face contours that were lost with the age, with the using of effective and safety preparations that are worthy alternative of plastic surgery.

There are two main types of preparations that are used in the planimetric plasticity:

  • myorelaxants in injections on the basis of botulinum toxin (Botox, Disport)

  • fillers on the basis of hyaluronic acid (Restilain, Radiesse, Juvederm и др.) for correction of  face form, filling of wrinkles, nasolabial folds, lips enlargement.

Botox is used in cosmetology for a long time. Injection in mimic muscles of a special preparation enables to get rid of wrinkles. Cleared and weakened botulinum neurotoxin of type A, or in other words Botox or Disport, earlier it was used only in neurology, but after permition of American Governance in preparations and foodstuffs supervision began to use in cosmetology. Injection of preparation is performed with thin needles the preparation gets to the muscles under skin. These muscles create crow’s-feet, wrinkles on a forehead, over upper lip.


  • vertical wrinkles (between the eyebrows);

  • horizontal wrinkles (arise in the middle of a forehead from habit to frown);

  • “goose claws” (the small-sized wrinkles located around the eyes);

  • vertical folds on the upper lips, so-called “dash code”, including grief wrinkles (mouth angles).

Contraindications for injections.

Botox injections are actual for patients over 30 years as in this age the cutaneous integument which has been already finally created, starts losing natural stability to negative impact of an external environment. In earlier age it isn’t recommended to apply Botox.

From the most expressed contraindications to carrying out injections of this preparation it is possible to mark out:

  • Myasthenia and similar syndromes;

  • Pregnancy and the period of lactation;

  • Trombo-and hemophilia;

  • Inflamatory process and herpetic rash in a place of injections;

  • High  level myopia.

Botox is used to treat armpits, palms and feet hyperhidrosis

Botox helps to get rid of excessive sweating. Preparations lock the nerves endings which transmit a signal to sweat glands. So sweat separation considerably decreases. Botox injections against hyperhidrosis carry out on palms, feet and armpits. Contraindications for Botox injections against hyperhidrosis just the same, as well as in case of rejuvenation.

It is forbidden to carry out injections in armpits zone if there are side effects on skin after photoepilation (inflammation, burns)

Fillers based on hyaluronic acid (Restilain, Radiesse, Surgiderm, Juvederm и др.) were created to reach the individuality and beauty only in natural way. Fillers are intended for improvement of appearance at the expense of skin rejuvenation, wrinkles and folds smoothing, adding extra volume of tissues and improving circuit of face. The composition of preparations for planimetric plasticity includes the hyaluronic acid, the task of which is to bind and retain water. It presents in composition of all living organisms. Because of its universality hyaluronic acid is widely applied in medicine. Unfortunately, with the age ability of hyaluronic acid producing decreases, that is reflected, first of all, on skin elasticity and flexibility. After injection these materials retain water around them and store the effect after procedure for  a long time.

The planimetric plasticity with the hyaluronic acid preparations is safety, effective and light procedure. These preparations have protracted but not permanent effect. You can correct the actual for you for today age-related changes. Also it is natural, native beauty.

The planimetric plasticity. Indications for administration:

  • deep and superficial wrinkles correction;

  • increasing of the tissues volume;

  • biorevitalization;

  • lips modelling;

  • hands rejuvenation.

Contraindications of the planimetric plasticity:

  • Pregnancy and the period of lactation;

  • Skeen infections on the area of planning injection;

  • Autoimmune diseases, acute conditions of chronic diseases;

  • Recent procedures that  influence  aggressive on the skin (for example laser pilling);

  • Existence of permanent fillers in the zones of estimated injections;

  • Existence of biodegraded materials of the prolonged action, that will be injected less than in 12 months in the zones of estimated injections.


Preparation is injected under the skin or intracutaneous (in problem zones) with thin needles. Working as natural “filler”, it gives to skin necessary volume — smooths wrinkles, folds, removes fabric on a face.

Duration of procedure is 20-30 minutes.

Rejuvenating result of hyaluronic acid injections you will see practically right away after procedure. Sometimes can be a little swollen which disappears next day. Process of preparation injection is not traumatic and is almost painless, the patient after such injection doesn’t lose working capacity. The result of procedure quite steady. Hyaluronic acid gradually completely resolves, preparation has an effect upon 6 months to 1,5 years.

After this period to give a further effect it is necessary to repeat the injection.