Breast enlargement surgery

 Breast enlargement surgery, also referred to as breast augmentation and breast implants   is an operation to augment and improve breast size and form. Breast enlargement surgery is performed for patients no younger than 18. Indications:

    • small-sized natural breast (micromastia);
    • droop breast (as a rule after labor and breastfeeding);
    • marked breast asymmetry.

    Certified implants McGhan are used to augment breast. Their casing is made of chemically inactive environmentally safe material similar to those  baby’s dummy is made. Texture surface reduces the possibility of fibrosis that is hardening and infiltration of soft tissues after breast enlargement surgery. Anatomical drop-shaped models provide beautiful natural breast form.   Contraindications:

    • Severe diseases of internal organs;
    • Diabetes mellitus;
    • Blood clotting problems;
    • infectious and oncological diseases;
    • lactation in progress or pregnancy;
    • mental disorders.

      Incision types In modern surgery breast implant emplacement is performed with three types of surgical incisions:

    • submammary (under the breast);
    • Periareolar (inferior nipple or via it);
    • Transaxillary (through the axilla)

      Implant pocket placement The choice of suitable implant pocket placement in anatomical relation to the pectoralis major muscle is very important. There are some surgical approaches to emplacing a breast implant to the implant pocket:

    • Subglandular. This approach is suitable in cases when fatty and glandular tissues are developed enough to hide the implant borders.
    • Transaxillary. The implant is palpated lesser in such emplacement.
    • Combined (the superior border is under  the pectoralis major muscle and the inferior part is under the glandular tissue)

    The choice of implant pocket placement is determined by the specialist exclusively concerning   a number of factors complex such as: the presence or absence of breast ptosis (descent), skin and subcutaneous tissue characteristics, breast placement and other patient’s anatomical peculiarities.   Procedure Breast enlargement surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Operation lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on intervention complexity (asymmetry presence etc.) After operation you stay in clinic for a day only.  You are allowed to stay in well-equipped comfortable ward and   round-the-clock supervision by trained health care professionals. As a rule painful sensations are not significant and last no more than 3-4 days; if it is necessary they are relieved by conventional anesthetics. There is no need to remove sutures as they are resorbable. Post-operative rehabilitation period lasts   10-15 days but it is necessary to wear special compression underwear within the whole first month after breast enlargement surgery. Besides it is necessary to limit physical as well as sexual activity.   Possible complications The possibility of complications development  during post-operative period is insignificant but it is necessary to be aware of  rehabilitation period course potential variants. The most common post-operative complications in case of breast enlargement surgery are the following:

    • Haematoma – blood accumulation in pocket cavity around the implant. The most common cause of haematoma development is sudden increase of arterial pressure or any trauma during post-operative period.
    • Lymphorrhea – lymph accumulation around the implant. It is caused by lymph inability to coagulate unlike blood.
    • Seroma – serous fluid accumulation around the implant. It is most commonly found in patients with increased tissues reactivity. Sometimes such complication development is caused by trauma.
    • Infection and capsular contracture are more serious complications within post-operative period. Conservative treatment is possible on initial stages but in progressive cases hospitalization and implants removal are necessary as well followed by antibiotic therapy. In rare cases it is possible to emplace implants  immediately again but generally not  earlier than in half a year after their removal.
    • Lack of nipple sensitivity is  a temporary phenomenon and  completely restored in six months after operation.

      Implants alternative! Nowadays there is alternative method for breast enlargement BRAVA 3D