Abdominoplasty (from Greek abdomen — a belly) is an aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery for the purpose of removal of  skin surplus and fat from the lower part of abdomen and lifting of abdomen muscles.

Indications:• belly deformation as a result of  adipopexia on abdomen wall;• loppy skin;• flabbiness;• «a skin-fatty apron» formation • postnatal extensions; • postoperative scars. Contraindications: • acute chronic diseases; • acute forms of diseases of any internal organs; • oncological, infectious diseases; • diabetes in a heavy stage; • problems with blood clotting and with blood circulation; • planned pregnancy.   Procedure The  operation  lasts for 2-3 hours and depends on the planned volume.  It is performed under the general anesthesia. Hospitalization After Abdominoplasty the patient stays in a hospital 1-2 days. Rehabilitation Painful feelings can be noticed the first 3-4 days during the postoperative period.  In 7-10 days depending on the way patient feels it is possible to turn up for work, if it isn’t connected with physical activities. We apply an absorbable suture that is why it is not necessary to remove stitches. It`s necessary to continue wearing the compressive underwear within a month after operation and to follow all physician`s recommendations. There is no way to neglect possibilities of cosmetology and physiotherapeutic procedures for the best result achievement in the near and distant postoperative period. Estimated  result The final result you will see in 3-4 months after abdominoplasty and all restrictions concerning sunbathing, outdoor games, weight lifting etc. will be cancelled.